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Some pictures from yet another weekend in Rome...


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Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

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Some great shots of the Ruins of the Forum

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What was once Circus Maximus, where the chariot races were held

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The Campidoglio

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Marcus Aurellius

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Il Teatro di Marcello

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Piazza di Venezia


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Il Colosseo

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The Pantheon, possibly my favorite monument in Rome

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This is why I seldom go into the monuments

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Rik takes over the tap at the Bulldog Pub

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One Beamish, comin' up...

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Writing postcards over a cold stout

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It's not a Guinness but it'll do...

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Hanging with some Belgians I met. Yes, they were drinking Becks. And they LIKED it!

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Even in Rome, I can't get away from the Yankee fans...



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