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This is the famous Neuscwhanstein Castle in Fussen, Germany, in the very southern part of Bavaria. It was one of King Ludwig's castles, and definitely his most famous. Ludwig was called "Mad Ludwig", and as King of Bavaria, he bankrupted the government in financing his fairytale castles. If Neuschwanstein Castle looks familiar to you, it should - Walt Disney used it as his model for the Cinderella Castle.

(CORRECTION! Apparently, the castle modeled after Neuschwanstein was the Sleeping Beauty castle, not the Cinderella castle as stated above. I apologize for misleading everyone, and special thanks to my Italian friend Adele for setting me straight!)

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This one is Hohenschwangau, which is another castle right next to Neuschwanstein. As you can see, it's very dramatically set, and absolutely gorgeous (the castle is a little hard to see - it's the little orange building in the middle):

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